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New Program to Make Lancaster Carbon Neutral, RegenAll

November 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Ethics, Guineafowl Adventure

June 2022

A Sanctuary of Green in a Charred Landscape, American Forest Foundation

June 2022

The Value of Wild Places, Merrill W. Linn Land & Waterways Conservancy

March 2021

Outdoor Recreation

Rebalancing Work and Play for Improved Health and Productivity (Ghost Written)

June 2022

Safety Tips for Day Hiking in the White Mountains, Guineafowl Adventure

March 2022

Achieving Running Goals Takes More Than Motivation, RUN717 Coaching

February 2022

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Have to Fail, RUN717 Coaching

December 2021

What You Need To Know About Running in the Dark, RUN717 Coaching

November 2021

Personal Essay, Lancaster County Magazine

February 2021


Decisions Before You Dive into a Digester, Hoard’s Dairyman

April 2022

Open Views Newsletter, Lancaster Farmland Trust

April 2021

Op-Ed: Preserving Farms and Valuing Farm Families (Ghost Written)

September 2020

Open Views Newsletter, Lancaster Farmland Trust

July 2019


Recovery Stories: How 4 Celebrities Overcame Substance Abuse and Are Now Inspiring Others

March 2022

The Best Ways for Seniors to Stay Active During the Final Weeks of Winter

February 2022

Member Spotlight: Moo-Duck Brewery

November 2021

Internal Marketing: Using Content to Engage Employees and Attract Top Talent

November 2021


Philly Debate Over Utility Hook-Ups May Hurt Struggling Hospitality Industry, Housing Market, Delaware Valley Journal

March 2022

Delaware Valley Congressional Leaders Back Russian Oil Ban, Delaware Valley Journal

March 2022

What Would Losing Covanta Mean for the City of Chester, Delaware County, Delaware Valley Journal

February 2022
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