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I love running. Trails, roads, tracks, I’m not picky about the terrain. Neither is my four legged sidekick, Piper. Dogs make everything better, even something as great as running. Lots of folks don’t think of running as fun or are intimidated expand their horizon in running – let’s fix that.

I love food. I’ve always been fascinated by agriculture and the art of farming. I grew up in a small farming community and have a deep respect for those who care for the land and animals. I also know most folks don’t have the opportunity to know their farmer. Let’s fix that.

I love dogs. I’m the woman on the street who asks if she can pet your dog, then has a full conversation with Fido, ignoring your presence. As often as possible, my pup, Piper, joins me – at work, on vacation, on runs, in a backpack. #nodogleftbehind

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