Laura M. Brenner

A simple childhood in a rural community shaped my future. After graduating from college, I started my career of helping farmers and consumers better communicate and understand each other. Today, I share the stories of farmers who have permanently preserved their land through Lancaster Farmland Trust.

In 2011, I barely made it through a 20-mile bike ride with my mother. The next year, I finished my first half-marathon, mom by my side. You could say the rest is history. But that’s leaving out quite a bit. I developed a passion for running, especially long distance trail running.

Somewhere in a shoebox in my parents basement is a picture of 6-month old Laura with 3 month old Cookie – my childhood dog – sharing floor space in my pack-n-play. The only time I’ve live without a dog my by side (and in my bed) was college. Since then, I’ve shared floor space with Piper, a hound-mix rescue. She’s mostly cat and human, but a little bit dog, too. More importantly, she loves running as much as I do – maybe more.

Dogs, Food, Running…Not necessarily in that order. These are the things I love.

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